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The Express Train to Enlightenment

There’s an express train to awakening and enlightening your total consciousness that you can get on. All you have to do is spend one or two days in complete prayer, devotion and passion to God, the Almighty Creator. But I don’t put a name on God. I don’t paint a picture of what it is because it would confuse you. It would become a distraction from your prayer and devotion and the praise of the Almighty.

If you take a 75-mile walk and chant praises for God and really get devotional and ecstatic, dance, shake your body, and laugh, you might just encounter God. And you might become completely awakened for the first time in your life.

The problem is that when you stop chanting you’ll get distracted by a great many things. After you finish chanting, you’re going to want or need to go back to doing something that feels normal. That will put you back into a ‘spiritual sleep’ of sorts.

The other way to wake up your mind is to meditate, concentrate, and focus on the idea that everything in the material universe is constantly changing. Everything in the material world that is born must die, and everything that is created must come to an end. Focus on that until you see the light.

What makes a person more prepared and ready to practice a faith along these lines with devotion in order to see divine light? The first thing is having to clear away all the wreckage and the problems that prevent you from getting to the state that you are seeking.

The other thing is needing to build up your patience and tolerance for boredom and for things that seem nonsensical in the short run. This is coming to a realization that all things happen for a reason, and to make the best of life we need to make the best of whatever situations we find ourselves in.

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