sun gazing: An Ancient Practice of Spiritual Connection

sun gazing: An Ancient Practice of Spiritual Connection

Sun-gazing offers a positive perspective, devoid of judgment about its sanity, as we appreciate the sheer beauty of sunsets and sunrises. When the sun sits below 45°, we can pause, breathe deeply, and express gratitude, stepping into the sanctuary of our minds. How many awe-inspiring moments have we missed due to busyness and inflexible schedules? Observing the source of energy for all living beings on our planet can be a profound experience.

Riding bicycles with loved ones along the waterfront, witnessing the sun's warm, reddish hue reflected in the clouds, has gifted me countless beautiful memories. Taking a few moments to fix my gaze upon the sun, pondering our orbit around that fiery sphere 93 million miles away, I contemplate the impermanence of all things. I reflect on the insignificance of my worries and simply breathe, embracing the night's laughter.

It goes without saying that timing is crucial, as gazing at the sun when it's too high can harm our eyes—an obvious point for anyone exercising common sense. Equally evident is the profound sense of relaxation and peace that comes when we finally clear our schedules, discard excuses, and find a serene location to witness the sunrise or sunset, all while breathing deeply.

Sun gazing, an intriguing topic, has been a subject I revisit approximately every 10 years. This ancient practice was originally intended as a purification ritual for those well-versed in its proper execution. The practitioners understood the importance of not directly staring into the sun, as it could cause damage to their retinas. Instead, they mastered the art of looking at the sun while positioning their eyes in a specific direction, ensuring the protection of their corneas and retinas.

The focus of sun gazing was not to gaze directly into the sunlight but to direct one's attention towards the crown chakra. Practitioners would engage in this ritual during specific times, either at sunrise or near sunset. Attempting to observe the sun at high noon would have been, and still would be, unwise, as no tangible benefits are expected at that time.

A seasoned sun gazer would elevate their throat chakra towards the sky, allowing the sun's rays to shine down upon them while contemplating gratitude for the divine. This experience would bring about an uplifting and profoundly positive sensation.

It is crucial to emphasize that attempting sun gazing without proper knowledge and guidance can be extremely dangerous. Without endorsing or condemning the practice, it is essential to acknowledge that misconceptions and misinformation have circulated throughout the years.

Note: Sun gazing should be approached with caution and only undertaken after thorough research, understanding, and guidance from knowledgeable sources.

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