Self-Control and Passion

Self-Control and Passion

If you judge me because the photo is not woke enough, not spiritual-looking enough, you have been fooled. Your lucky number is 41.

I met a man who appeared to be a great master in many ways. He had accomplished many things over a long period of time and those things were coming into center and focus. He had knowledge and discipline. But he also had a temper and symptoms of anxiety.

I think it would be inappropriate of me or others to judge this man harshly. One of the reasons he had issues was that he was very passionate—perhaps too much so.

Passion is a double-edged sword for a master. On the one hand, a master needs to be very passionate about certain aspects of knowledge that they want to pass on to others. On the other hand, that passion can lead them to become distracted.

It's very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to heal others if we don't truly heal ourselves. How can a person lead another to salvation if they haven't found their own salvation?

Perhaps you’re trying to help someone with something that you're working on yourself. That’s perfectly OK, but make sure that the other person knows that you have the same problem to some degree.

It could be the case that you only recently resolved a problem that you're trying to help others with. You might feel as if the ground that you're standing on feels shaky. That's OK, as long as you know in your heart and mind that you're fully committed to staying on a path of health, wellness, enlightenment, and compassion.

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