Personal Meditation Journey: Healing Insights

Personal Meditation Journey: Healing Insights

In the book I am working on called, Meditation, I explore my own experiences with meditation and healing. I recognize that there are individuals who are older and vastly more experienced in this subject, as well as those who are more naturally relaxed and perhaps better trained. They might view meditation in ways I have yet to consider. I look forward to discovering these insights as I continue my journey. 

However, the journey begins with this book. I have been extremely thorough in each chapter, yet I find new insights to include each time I read through it. This suggests that more books may be necessary in the future. I also want to clarify that my motivation for writing is not financial. I strive to keep my work pure, honest, and natural. At this stage, it is challenging for me to imagine producing work with the primary intent to sell.

My final message is about recognizing the challenges of healing and truly freeing oneself from negative emotions. Achieving balance in our lives is difficult. Human beings have grappled with this since the beginning, and there is no shame in our struggles, which are deeply embedded in the human condition, influenced by our childhoods and life patterns. Unraveling all of this is a slow process. The most important action is to engage daily, taking small steps forward—whether it's taking two deep breaths, doing ten push-ups, going for a walk, or telling someone you love them.

A personal example of finding gratitude in everyday actions occurred when I thanked a building superintendent in another neighborhood for watering the plants outside. Though it was his duty, and not something I owed him, his actions enhanced the beauty of my environment, uplifting my spirit. This gratitude is something I seek to connect with throughout my life, recognizing the value in seemingly small actions.

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