Perfect Consciousness

Perfect Consciousness

Perfect consciousness cannot exist in the reality of the dimension in which we live. In fact, nothing that exists in our minds can be perfect. That's the case because we have free will, and because of that we are going to make mistakes.

Not only will we make mistakes, we will also be affected by the mistakes of others. They're not perfect, and neither are we.

Because of what we do and because of what others do to us, there will be times when we will feel an extensive range of extremely discomforting emotions. Such emotions will lead us to think negatively.

Some people have great positivity and consciousness throughout their lives. They do great things to advance humanity. But they, like everyone else, will be subject to mistakes. They will give in to cravings, and they will have moments in which they are confused or lack clarity.

Perhaps most of us know people who have achieved great consciousness. I personally know a great samurai who has reached a very high state of enlightenment, but he admits that from time to time he is subject to an erratic mind.

Whatever our state of being is regarding consciousness and health and wellness, we must strive to become the best that we can be. When we do so, we help ourselves, our planet, and all who touch our lives.

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