not all online healers are schmucks...

not all online healers are schmucks...

..., only some of them are!

Embracing the Diversity of Online Healing Practitioners
It would be unfair to label all online healing practitioners as snake oil salesmen, charlatans, and frauds. Many individuals are dedicated to personal growth and use the Internet to teach positive concepts.

The Value of Breathing Techniques and Compassionate Thinking
Teaching breathing techniques and promoting compassionate thinking are valuable contributions to enhancing consciousness and personal growth.

Focusing on the Message, Not the Messenger
When encountering different gurus or teachers, it's essential to focus on their message rather than judging them based on appearances. Freedom to choose which teachings to follow without passing judgment on the teacher's character.

Embracing Various Paths to Consciousness
Various methods, including meditation, can help individuals awaken their consciousness based on their unique experiences and dispositions.

The Importance of Staying Present and Slowing Down
Teaching people to slow down their minds, stay present, and eliminate boredom is crucial for a balanced and conscious life.

Finding Enlightenment in the Present Moment
Maintaining unwavering focus on the present moment can lead to enlightenment and a sense of connection with one's breath and life without attachment.

Striving for Self-Improvement and Mastering Anxiety
If the ideas resonate, embrace the path of self-improvement, striving to master anxiety and make positive changes.

Redefining Anxiety and Embracing Self-Improvement
Anxiety as a natural survival mechanism and the commitment to self-improvement as a positive endeavor.

Focus on Personal Growth and Positive Impact
Comparing ourselves to others and judging them can lead to anxiety and paranoia. Focus on personal growth and making a positive impact.

Letting Go of Trivial Judgments
Stop judging others and disconnect from trivial judgments that distract from peace and happiness. Embrace a more meaningful perspective.

Remember this: no one truly knows what the hell is going on in this vast universe or why we are here. The purpose of our birth remains a mystery, and no one is perfect in their mentality. Every human being, throughout history, has had character flaws, defenses, anxieties, and problems. We are all trying to figure out our lives as we go along. Even someone like me or any of the countless self-help personalities out there is just as neurotic as the next person.

However, there are individuals who have found a way to navigate this chaotic roller coaster called life. Some have discovered peace, enjoyment, and clarity in their minds. For many, the most significant achievement is managing anxiety, healing personal issues, and returning to the world with kindness.

When you follow someone, listen carefully for compassion, non-attachment, and clear instructions on how to improve. If someone overcomplicates a philosophical point, it might just be their way of trying to appear knowledgeable. I admit, I've done that too, but now I strive to write and detach from the lesson, keeping it concise.

A good coach gets straight to the point. Like a skilled mechanic, they identify the root of a problem, use the right tools, fix what's broken, and move on without seeking credit or pride in their knowledge. A good coach loves teaching and helping, without seeking power or recognition. A great coach plays alongside their teammates, fostering a sense of unity and trust. The best coach is the one the team looks up to, and people willingly follow their lead.

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