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Meditation Finally Realized

Meditation Finally Realized by Marcus Antebi

It took me a long time to develop the lessons I learned in life. I heard many of them when I was young, but they bounced off me for the most part. But even so, pieces of them stuck with me. As I became intentional about becoming enlightened, the things that stuck with me materialized.

One thing I realized was how many great meditators that I’ve met in my life don’t believe in enlightenment. That confused me. It still does, because there’s a chance that they might be right.

In passing in this book I might have written off former experiences of doubt about meditation being something valid. But I always came back to the same conclusion—it is indeed something of great value. I’ve realized that the feeling of enlightenment is totally unique for every human being. And there are different levels to it: Consciousness doesn’t necessarily expand rapidly like a hot air balloon when you turn up the flame.

Consciousness may sometimes expand very very slowly. But make no mistake, the purpose of life is to become awake and enlightened. You can do this with acts of kindness, you can do this with practices of meditation, and you can do this by becoming aware of nonviolence.

I realized for myself that I had to decide what I believed in. I would stop totally relying on books, teachers, and lectures, and I would start searching within. Among things that really stuck with me were certain Buddhist teachings. The Buddha taught that enlightenment was an attainable thing if conditions were met and circumstances were right.

Once you become awake you’re awake. That doesn’t mean it’s game over. It means that you are in a new state of consciousness and you can more clearly perceive truth. But it’s not game over, my friend, because there are so many layers to truth and you have to keep working at seeing them.

It’s hard to hold on to anything because there’s so much change taking place. Sometimes that change confuses us. We’ve lost or doubted many great teachings because we’ve replaced them with technology. We replaced truth with things that were more comfortable and that we thought would bring us more safety.

It doesn’t make a difference to me anymore if people agree with this philosophy. I’m not trying to talk in negative terms; I’m actually very hopeful about the future. I believe that humanity is positively progressing once again towards solutions, but there are a lot of broken things to fix.

It’s very obvious to most of us that the human experiment has gotten out of hand in the last century. Human beings are incredible creatures when we live close to nature and when we honor very specific ancestral rules. Such rules are as old as human history. The greatest rule that we ever came up with was to not take another life. Humanity as a whole really struggles with this. It shows you how close we are in relationship to our distant cousins—the other animals that live on this earth.

People generally don’t like when someone describes the negative things that we do as a species to other creatures, to ourselves, and to our home, the earth. The good news is that I don’t have to go into detail because the things that we do are broadcast all over our many news outlets.

In the future, the world’s news outlets might not have any meaning. I believe, and I wish to share, that there are much better mediums to use to transmit consciousness to other creatures. Water and air are much better mediums of information and consciousness. Space is even a great medium to transmit conscious decisions.

If we desire to change the world, we have to realize that we have to change ourselves first into the thing that we want the world to be. Hopefully the thing that we want is to be compassionate to other creatures.

When we change ourselves little by little we have to teach the positive changes first and foremost to our children and then to all the people that we can reach. If your delivery system is writing great music and singing positive songs, that’s a perfect medium. If you're a movie producer, or if you write stories that encourage people to do better and to try to act without violence, those are beautiful gifts. Your job may be to be an excellent stay-at-home mom. When you do so, teaching the values of compassion and nonviolence to children and making sure that you don’t subject them to violence or hurtful words, you’re serving in one of the greatest causes in the world.

A father has the same duty to his children. But it’s difficult for either parent to teach their children what is right if they feel broken and don’t know the difference between right and wrong. We need to show children compassion and a better way of living; this is not an easy task. Great activists like Martin Luther King and Gandhi struggled to communicate positive messages and make change happen. And during their times, that change was dangerous to the status quo. The change was dangerous to rigid ways of thinking, to fearful ways of thinking, to self-centered and greedy ways of thinking, to ways of thinking that paid honor to things that are dark and even evil.

I presently don’t use the word evil in a religious context. I just use the word evil it to describe things that are worse than worse. No other creatures on this planet do things that are evil except human beings. We do evil as cerebral creatures: We can think, and we have free will so that we can think any way that we want. And human beings can go astray and they can learn, hold on to, and reinforce the wrong things.

By wrong what I mean is that they’re doing things that would harm or take away the freedom of other creatures. It seems to be that we all do it in our modern world. It’s obvious by the prevalent primary source of calories to developed countries that we don’t think about our sources of food enough to change our ways in order to fix our health problems and our planetary problems.

That statement may sound very judgmental. But I want to make it clear that I don’t feel animosity towards people. I don’t feel that I’m judging the way a judge passes a sentence on a criminal. I think that what I’m doing is trying to encourage people to fix something that’s broken in a very beautiful machine.

I’m also trying to share my thoughts on how we can fix things. First of all, we’ve got to talk about things that need fixing. We’ve got to admit that something is broken. It doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t see the beauty in the world and in our relationships. But it does mean that in spite of negative things that happen in the world, we can still find true and lasting happiness.

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