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Meditation is So Easy (Supports Part 6 of The goodsugar Diet)

Meditation is So Easy! (Supports Part 6 of The goodsugar Diet™) by Marcus Antebi 

In the Western world, people have always thought that they had to look to the far east to understand the secrets of creation, the secrets of the universe, and the secrets of the human mind. Well, it’s true.

We could look to almost anyone to teach us something about reality. Does it matter where they’re from? Whether you’re a monkey from the Himalayas or a bus driver in a big city, you have to keep an open mind and make sure that you let everyone teach you great lessons.

The last stage of meditation is to be so concentrated and focused in on a present moment that you feel completely ecstatic to be experiencing consciousness through the vehicle of your human body. It’s so incredible that it may at first draw you to tears. It reminds me of a person concentrating and singing beautiful songs, so enraptured by the music and the idea of praising the Lord that they’re in an ecstatic state. But it takes quite a long time to get to that level, and in the meantime we have to practice concentrating and focusing.

We have been inundated with messages all through our lives, and some of them were not positive and not truthful. We were taught many things that did not serve our best interests. We were and sometimes still are taught many things by our households, our communities, and  humanity at large that make us feel alienated and cut off from the natural world.

Meditation is a very valuable practice that will help you heal from these negative messages that you have been exposed to for so many years of your life.


Above: This is a moving meditation with lots of noise and vibrations to keep you grounded. Focus on where the jack-hammer point is hitting and your breathing.

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