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Meditation for Self Discovery

Meditation for Self Discovery by Marcus Antebi

Meditation can be used as a tool for self-discovery.

I must have been sound asleep when that concept was taught in meditation school, because it took me a disproportionately long time to understand it and apply it to my life.

When we sit quietly and try to shut down the distracting activity in our minds, we can analyze and study the personality traits that show themselves in our behavior. We can look at some of the things that cause us trouble—the things that we struggle with continually.

We will discover things about how we treat other people. We will also gain insights about ways we act and things we do to ourselves that aren’t in our best interests. Such behaviors include procrastination, fear of change, and inappropriate ways of reacting to things that happen to us. Meditation enables us to not only identify the behavior patterns but also to determine courses of action to take to overcome them.

meditation for self discovery goodsugar

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