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Meditation and Compassion

Meditation and Compassion by Marcus Antebi

There are noble truths that are pure, honest, and very hard to dispute. They are just sitting there available to you from your consciousness. Meditation will help you to realize these truths. But you’ve got to let go of your negative attachments, open your heart, and show compassion as part of the process of doing so.

I can’t meditate on the universe and its structure because I don’t need that right now at the stage of life I’m in. I need to meditate on compassion. So right down here on this planet earth, wherever my feet are stuck in this mud, being stuck in the mud on purpose or not, I need to be a good earthling.

I need to take care of my planet, my home, my mother, the true one that gave birth to my body, my highest mother, mother earth. She is the woman that I grew in throughout the ages transforming from one thing to the other. I believe that my physical body and the atoms that comprise my body will always return to this planet and all other planets in the universe. In fact I believe that at some point the items that make up my body will have exchanged atoms with everything in the entire universe from the beginning of time until its end.

I think it’s really interesting to think about that stuff sometimes. But that doesn’t help me make my car payment. How much time do I have to invest in understanding all of the mechanics of the universe? What I have to concentrate on is how to repair my broken heart, how to process my childhood experiences, and how to see myself honestly in whatever reflector I have around me. I want to improve myself. I want to be better. I want to let go of all of the things that can hurt others. I want to let go of negativity. I want to let go of things that hurt me.

Put down your weapons, put down your defenses, and show compassion to the rest of the world. Even if you’re angry, open up your mind and let go of your anger. And then say, “My anger is real, it is painful, and it makes me want to do harmful, angry things. But I’ve learned the lesson that my anger will turn into someone else’s anger, and my fear will become someone else’s fear. If I handle my pain and my sadness incorrectly it will become another person’s pain and sadness. That’s just the way things are passed along.

“If I am angry and I go out and I smite my enemy, my enemy will be dead. I might feel a sense of revenge, but my enemy’s children will be in deep sorrow and mourning. They may pick up an ax and go kill for revenge, or maybe they’ll write a self-help book on how they got through their depression.”

But if you look at the history of the world, there’s a lot of revenge, killing, and hatred going on. There’s also a lot of luck and a lot of forgiving, and we note this. We can pay attention to it in our meditation; we can acknowledge the healing that’s taking place in the world.

We have to acknowledge the injuries. We have to acknowledge the areas in our society that are afflicted by poverty, starvation, dependency on drugs and alcohol, child abuse, mental illness, suicide, crime, fear, jealousy, anger, mistreatment, and abusive authoritarianism. We have to do our part individually to try to understand those things.

We have to make sure that we elect the right officials. We have to search inside and say, “Well, our elected officials represent mankind and not just our township or our country. Even if a person can restore power to the military and bring wealth, it has to be done with compassion for all the other citizens of the world.”

Otherwise, we will create a time of darkness and suspicion. Then from there at some point in time that must lead to war and death. This is the way it is; history has recorded such patterns regarding human civilization.

So it is that meditation leads to compassion and then to action. That action will likely lead to social responsibility, in the form of helping fellow men and women through charitable acts and participation in the political realm.

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