Let it be known, I firmly assert that the concept of levitation falls squarely into the realm of utter hogwash.

If someone dares to claim they can levitate, they've likely been honing their skills in the grand tradition of parlor tricks. And if, by some cosmic accident, someone truly manages to levitate, they've undoubtedly transcended mere humanity and are now bona fide supernatural entities.

Picture this: you witness someone floating mid-air, only to catch them sipping water a few hours later. Well, naturally, that calls for a hearty chuckle and some sage advice. "You've wasted your time," you'd say, "when you could've learned to live your life sans food or water. Now that's a trick!"

Let's spill the cosmic beans here: Levitators are impostors, sly extraterrestrial interlopers who brought their anti-gravity bag of tricks to Earth. They found it hilariously entertaining to disguise themselves as humans and grace us with their presence, all while secretly plotting to enlighten us with their out-of-this-world antics.


Don't let the cosmic carnival of oddities within the meditation and self-help realms bewilder you. In these realms, a diverse array of spiritual guides may not always steer you toward genuine wisdom. Heed this cosmic caveat.

Meditation, a profoundly cerebral pursuit, harbors its intrinsic worth. It need not embark on interstellar journeys, nor must it bear the spiritual mantle. It's merely an occasion for one to nestle within themselves and wrestle with the ceaseless cacophony within their minds.

No need to plunge into cosmic depths. Instead, let meditation be precisely what you desire. In this cosmic voyage, ponder your aspirations, dedicate substantial time and toil to the craft, and be the cosmic judge of your progress as you navigate the ever-evolving cosmic odyssey.

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