I want to state for the record that I believe that levitation is in the realm of bullshit.

If anyone ever claimed to levitate, then they participated in a parlor trick. If anyone actually has achieved levitation, then they’re not human but are instead some sort of supernatural being.

If I ever saw someone levitating and then a few hours later I caught them taking a drink of water I would laugh at them. I would tell them that they wasted their time and effort learning to levitate when a better trick would have been learning to live their entire life without food or water.

Levitators are imposters. They’re actually from another planet and they developed anti-gravity skills when they came to earth. They thought it would be really humorous to dress up as human beings and come out here to enlighten the masses.


Don’t get confused by all the weird things that you see in the meditation and self-help movements. There are many types of spiritual teachers that don’t teach truth. Buyer beware.

Meditation is a deeply intellectual process, and therein lies its value. Meditation does not have to take you anywhere and it does not have to be called spiritual healing. It’s just an opportunity for a person to sit with themselves and try to control all the chatter in their mind.

It doesn’t have to be deeper than that. But meditation can actually be whatever you want it to be. So you need to ask yourself what it is that you are trying to achieve, put significant time and effort into practicing it, and judge for yourself if you are moving closer to achieving your goals as you continue with the process over time.

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