laughing through meditation: a journey with Proximate

laughing through meditation: a journey with Proximate

I've noticed that when folks delve into discussions about meditation, things tend to get pretty serious. Suddenly, there's a room full of so-called experts who've got it all figured out, and then there are those of us who feel like total beginners, like we missed the memo. Well, let's take a moment to step back and chuckle at this thing called meditation. I mean, if it were this perfect and undeniable truth, shouldn't everyone already be doing it? And why isn't our default state one of perpetual meditation if it's so darn amazing? Why the effort?

Moreover, it's worth looking around in our world and spotting those who've managed to snag some benefits from this meditation gig. Just check out what they're up to and see if anything strikes a chord. Now, I've yapped on and on about self-improvement in countless pages of my writing, never really thinking I'd be addressing folks who aren't just trying to claw their way out of dire straits or alleviate their suffering. There's a bunch of you out there who've reached a point where you're kinda content with life, where you're awakened to the treasures of higher consciousness.

But let's be real—the journey isn't a smooth walk in the park. It's a tumultuous ride, at times painful, often absurd, and let's face it, quite hilarious in its own right. Healing, my friend, is like riding a rollercoaster with wild twists and turns. We've all got an epic tale to tell about how things went from bad to worse and how we've tried everything under the sun to make things better. Maybe we're all just on a journey to find a slice of happiness. But somewhere along the line, we've overcomplicated the solutions. Trust me, the answer isn't locked in reading ten thousand books, and it's not about being a business guru or the most assertive person in the room.

So, here's the skinny on how to start. First off, you've got to brainwash yourself into being open to exploring this thing called meditation. Just a willingness to dip your toes in. Then, you've got to remember to sit down and actually practice it. And here's my little trick to keep your sanity intact and boredom at bay—make it a game to make it to a three-minute meditation. Hey, if you're a champ, go for ten minutes, but three minutes is the entry point. Declare that you're meditating, take a few deep breaths, go through the motions, and reel yourself back in whenever your mind decides to go all over the place—like that ridiculously loud motorcycle that just zoomed by.

Now, you've got to stick with this for quite some time. Your overall intelligence will dictate how long it takes. Folks like me, well, we might need a bit more time to get our act together. There are also those who are just plain stubborn, refusing to budge even when it's clear they should. The whole point of this seemingly crazy meditation journey is to see if you can control your thoughts for a mere three minutes without getting sidetracked. As you conquer that, you can gradually extend the timeframe. You're essentially training yourself to focus, honing your skills on one thing—the breath.

Once you've managed to show up for ten days straight, three minutes each day, boom, you've got yourself a solid meditation practice. But that's not all, my friend. The next big move is to keep a written journal. Yeah, I know, writing—fun, right? But trust me, it's worth it. There are a few different chapters I'd recommend diving into. First off, you gotta write a detailed story of your life. The good, the bad, the ugly—it's all in there. This is gonna take time, 'cause hey, life's got a lot going on. But the more thorough you get, the more you'll come to understand who you really are.

And then there's the fun stuff—write a book about your big thoughts and philosophies. You know, the stuff you think about, the things that light your fire or make your blood boil. And don't you dare hold back, even if you think you sound silly or profound. Just get it out there. Write about what gets under your skin, what brings a smile to your face, what you believe is cool or what's messed up in the world. Heck, delve into your political musings and jot down every emotion that comes your way. This journey's just as much about exploring your inner landscape as it is about mastering meditation. So, let's roll up our sleeves, have a laugh, and see where this takes us.

(This article has been authored by our esteemed head chef, Proximate, currently a resident of our planet. Originating from the distant world of Proxima Centauri b, situated a mere few light years away, Proximate brings their unique insights. Explore this and other thought-provoking pieces by Proximate, available exclusively on this website.)

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