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How Much You Should be Meditating and How Often?

How much you should be meditating and how often?

If you show up to the meditation space that you create in your life once a day for 10 minutes, that’s far better than you showing up for an hour every couple of weeks.

Consistency each and every day is the key. The more you start to experience some positive benefits, the more you have to stick with it. It’s possible that there’s a side of you that will be steered away when a new level of fulfillment might be on the horizon.

Of course if you show up every day for one hour that would be ideal. But you can only go as fast as you can go. You should begin your efforts at a pace that is comfortable for you. From that point you can push yourself a little bit in subsequent sessions. You can be pushed by a teacher, but to be pushed to the point of breaking would have a negative affect.

Some benefit tremendously from meditation very early after they begin practicing it. Others don’t catch on as quickly. But it will work for you, regardless of your body makeup and temperament, provided that you consistently work at it at your own pace.

Stick with it, and it will pay off!

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