God could take on four forms that you would understand. He or she could take on the bodies of living creatures that inhabit the earth, take on the shape of any object in the universe, take on the form of a human, or enter into the material world through your dreams.

In my opinion, all of the philosophies and religions that humanity has followed are correct in fundamental ways and likely incorrect in others at the same time.

The groups of people who created philosophies and religions created them from their minds. Therefore they are a part of you today, as is everything. But they are also a part of creativity and time. So therefore they are incomplete stories. The story of what God is will never be complete in this world as long as it is described. You could feel it in your mind. You could experience it in your dreams. Or perhaps you could become enlightened on the highest level, taking a seat next to the divine and understanding what the mechanics of the universe really are.

Make no mistake: There is a God who has created. But the story as it’s been told is just part of the story.

People from a number of religious and philosophical persuasions believe that God can do anything, but that he or she puts limits on him- or herself. It seems logical that God would do things in a specific order and that there would be a specific order to creation. If God wanted to change that order, God would have to go back to the drawing board and create an entirely new system in order to manifest something from nothing.

God manifested the universe as we see it through a series of mechanical events and atomic elements. One would assume that it would take quite a long time to create an atomic element.

God could breed underwater, and God could pierce through the different structures of reality. God could fly and defy gravity. When doing so, perhaps God would choose to take on the limitations of created beings and be a poor flyer in the beginning but become better at it as time went on.

I believe that God is the ultimate observer, watching over creation and getting all kinds of feedback from countless cultures and creatures.

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