good breathing

good breathing

Dear Everyone,

I implore you to remember the importance of embracing each passing moment as if it were your last, practicing the art of mindful living throughout your entire life. It is undoubtedly a challenging exercise, akin to training to be a master of presence.

We often find ourselves carried away by our thoughts, easily distracted by our senses, and burdened by our opinions and preconceived notions that dictate how we experience each moment. If you find discomfort in the present moment, it may be time to let go of your philosophies that no longer serve you. Start anew, starting from this very moment.

In this moment, there is no need for elaborate philosophies or complex psychology. Instead, focus on deep breathing and connect with your inner self. Commit to this practice for an extended period, as it takes time to experience any profound change. Even if you do not immediately sense a difference, continue the practice.

Persist for at least three months, and you will witness a powerful transformation in your consciousness. This transformation is almost guaranteed, unless you are consumed by destructive habits. Even then, a significant shift is possible through the sheer act of trying.

Wishing you all clarity and growth on this transformative journey.

With utmost sincerity,

Dr. Goa Sugo

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