congratulations: you mastered breathing!

congratulations: you mastered breathing!

Congratulations on your mastery of breathing, which has sustained you until this very moment. However, many of us unknowingly engage in short, shallow breaths throughout the day, leading to heightened anxiety. This breathing pattern is a learned response that perpetuates the cycle of anxiety, as shallow breathing decreases oxygen levels, triggering further anxiety and shallower breaths.

To counteract this, first, become aware of your shallow breaths and anxious feelings. Then, consciously connect with your breath by focusing on slow, deep inhalations and exhalations. Repeat this mindful breathing technique 7-10 times or practice it indefinitely.

Increasing oxygen intake slows the heart rate, optimizing brain function and enhancing your intellectual capabilities. When facing stressful situations, manage them by redirecting your attention to the breath and counting each inhalation and exhalation. Avoid getting entangled in thoughts or emotions, as it diminishes the effectiveness of the breathing exercise. Instead, remain attentive to the rhythmic cycles of breathing, preferably through the nostrils for optimal results.

(Practice this as many times a day as needed for the next however many years, and then come by to teach us new techniques. We are waiting right here for you. Thank You.)

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