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Brief Example of The Benefits of Meditation

Brief Example of The Benefits of Meditation by Marcus Antebi

I’d like to give a practical example of something I’ve benefited from as a result of practicing meditation. It has been the discovery of why I loved to spend money the way that I did throughout my life.

During my childhood, my family and I spent a lot of money. It seemed as if my dad was always spending money on something. The way that he would relate to me was that he would take me shopping for something. And that became the pattern. So, for me, the way to experience a connection and feel happy was to be in the process of shopping.

It’s only natural that when I grew up that I would just follow the same pattern. But now I can understand why I may feel compelled to spend money in ways that might not be in my best interests, and it makes it easier to fight an urge to spend recklessly.

Because this was something that was very deep-seated in my behavior and emotional makeup, I think it’s unlikely that I would have come to this revelation outside of the process of meditation. At the time this revelation came to me, I was in the quietness of my yoga practice. I wasn’t looking for it, and when it came to me I tried to silence it. But then I realized the importance of the revelation.

I bring up this example in particular because some believe that meditation is a type of ethereal exercise that doesn’t offer much in the way of real world, day-to-day benefit. That perception is false.

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