breatharians and sungazers

breatharians and sungazers

Engaging in activities such as sun gazing and extreme interpretations of breatharianism has often been met with criticism and viewed as unrealistic within the realm of self-help. This perception arises from the way these practices are explained and the misguided beliefs associated with them.

It is important to acknowledge the unrealistic nature of solely relying on breath alone for sustenance in the modern world. The notion of living solely on breath and fasting without water is not viable and would lead to death within a short period of time. Some individuals mislead naive seekers by promoting the concept of sustaining life solely through breath.

However, we must recognize the vital role of breath in providing us with oxygen, an essential element for life. Oxygen is necessary for our survival, and without it, our lives would be limited to mere minutes. While sun gazing at the wrong time of day can damage the retina, being outdoors and enjoying sunlight can boost our mood and bring happiness. Nevertheless, there is no miraculous power in sun gazing beyond these benefits.

On the other hand, engaging in deep breathing exercises holds significant power. Proper oxygenation is crucial for optimal brain function. During periods of anxiety, our breathing tends to become shallow. This triggers the heart to signal the brain of a problem, activating the fight-or-flight response and often keeping us stuck in chronic states of anxiety. Overcoming this requires a multifaceted approach that includes learning new skills, therapy, journaling, and exercise. However, we must not overlook the importance of intentional breathing. By viewing breathing as essential nourishment for our happiness, we can reframe its significance and remove any sense of ridiculousness.

Intentional breathwork can serve as a powerful tool to address cravings and addictive tendencies. When we feel the need for more, whether related to food or any other activity, focusing on intentional breathwork can help alleviate those cravings.

While the exaggerated or misguided practices of sun gazing and breatharianism may appear absurd, it is crucial to recognize the profound impact of connecting with the breath and observing nature's beauty on our overall well-being. These practices have the potential to sustain happiness, induce deep relaxation, and evoke indescribable experiences.

In summary, while the extreme interpretations of sun gazing and breatharianism are questionable, it is important to acknowledge the significance of connecting with the breath and observing nature's beauty. Deep breathing promotes relaxation and sustains life, while witnessing the sunrise and sunset offers unique and indescribable experiences. By embracing these practices, we can find harmony within ourselves and develop a deeper connection to the world around us.

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