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Quick Reading Inspiration on Health & Wellness

When a problem of any kind exists, especially with our health, the smartest thing to do is to get to the root of it.

As an example, suppose someone has cancer. If the root of the problem is that they have a tumor, and it’s operable, the smartest thing might be to just remove it surgically. At that point the problem is gone.

The patient would then have to spend time looking into problems with their diet, their lifestyle, and their environment, because they don’t want a tumor to return. But they should still follow a modern scientific logical approach to medicine and have checkups.

At the same time, though, they have to take a holistic approach to their dietary and lifestyle practices and correct any mistakes that could lead to problems. No doctor or government agency would disapprove of your spending time, energy and resources cleaning up your diet until you get it to an A+.

I’ve written many articles about nutrition. In them, I explain how one can get to an A+ diet. It’s a journey, and some people can’t handle that journey; they don’t yet have the strength to give up addictive foods.

Your body and your mind communicate in ways that are completely indescribable scientifically. But the two entities do interact. Because of this, it’s crucial to have a way of dealing with your emotions and your psychological world to keep yourself in a happy, positive place.

Your next step should be to become a genius on the subject matter of what is ailing you. You must do a lot of intelligent research. You should shy away from internet nonsense that does not come from a reputable, credible writer. The source of the information – the person who wrote it – is as important, or even more so, than the information itself. How does that person validate the statements and claims?

Some people will tell you to simply take certain superfoods or certain supplements to rid yourself of your health problems. But attaining good health just isn’t that simple.

Yet I do believe that vitamins and supplements have their proper place. In fact I sell them and commend certain ones. Overall, I recommend that a quality probiotic supplement should be taken in combination with a healthy diet, exercise and measures to lessen lifestyle-related stress.

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