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The Secret to Self-Help

There are two epic secrets to improving one’s life. One of them is to train yourself to take baby steps in everything that you do in connection with self-help. For example, if a book is really thick and it’s promising to teach you how to liberate yourself from pain and suffering and you keep that book on your shelf for 10 years, think about the irony in that.

A book that promises to relieve us from our suffering sits untouched for years; we would rather suffer then take small movements towards improvement. Why is that? It’s because we are afraid of a shift in reality, or we don’t know how to take the first step, and so we become paralyzed. It may simply be that we never grew out of being lazy. But it makes no difference what the causes of an action are—just solve the problem. And the way to solve the problem is to take the steps—really, really small steps, and take those little steps every day.

Every time something becomes too big of a step, break it down into smaller steps. Read one page in this book every day. Just one page is all you need, and you’ll be drifting into the path of wellness. Not because I am a guru, or that my words are great, but because you are taking action.

The next secret to learning the great lessons is to teach them. That is the nature of 12-step recovery, which you can borrow this from. The 12th step in recovery is about being of service and helping others. The reason why this is put into action in a self-help program is because if a person is busy trying to show a newcomer how to get sober, they’re teaching themselves how to stay sober.

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