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Primary Addictions

Many food types are addictive, in the sense that when they are ingested they cause cravings for it to a degree that’s beyond what the body requires for nutrition. Two in particular are processed sugar and concentrated protein.

Processed sugar is extremely addictive. This type of sugar is different from the sugar that is naturally found in fruits and starchy vegetables. Natural sugar is not concentrated, and it relates to your chemistry in a way that makes your body feel satisfied. You may crave fruit, but the craving will not be overwhelming. The craving for processed sugar can be extremely overwhelming, though.

When it is in a concentrated form, protein is addictive as well. The body needs protein, but not a great deal of it. In flesh foods, protein is concentrated to a degree that is beyond what is needed by the body. For that reason, plant foods are a preferable source of protein.

Everyone knows that certain compounds that are not considered to be food as such are addictive. These substances include caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. But many people don’t acknowledge that processed sugar and excessive concentrated protein are addictive, dangerous, and unhealthy as well.

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