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Positive Thinking

Holy shit, I get it now! I have to be a positive person or the negativity will wear down on my mind and take over....

It’s next to impossible to be in a neutral state of mindthere’s nothing neutral in the human mind. If you think that you’re in a neutral state of mind, you’re likely already slipping into negativity.

We take one of two possible paths of thinking. We are either in a positive state of mind or negative.

If you can gauge your state of mind right now, where is it sitting? If it feels neutral, you are likely ambivalent (having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone). Ambivalence often slides into negativity, so beware.

The thinker in you, that is responsible for choices, needs a method to pump your state of mind back up the mental hill.

Like water, thoughts oftentimes seek the lowest ground, and it’s the thinkers role to lift them back to higher ground. How we do this is the LIFE PRACTICE.

One way to lift our thoughts is to focus in on the breath, but this is kind of lame.

I have never seen this work on a person who is in the midst of being drained of positivity. However, it is a great practice to keep trying.

Breathe and focus and then take a chance at directing the negative focus out of your right ear. Give the thoughts or the frame of mind a literal path to nowhere.

And then, from your left knee cap where most of the positive thoughts are stored, grab hold of one and guide it up your leg and into your heart for a refresh of oxygenated blood. Then let the positive frame of mind fill your head for a moment and let it stew.

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