Morning Anxiety

Morning Anxiety

It took me a long time to realize that morning anxiety was something that would be normal for a thinking, non-instinctual creature to experience.

Anxiety can be a nudge from deep within, reminding me that I have basic needs that I must address. If I didn't have that type of anxiety, I might decide to stay in bed all day wrapped up in warm blankets and mushy pillows.

But anxiety becomes a problem when it entangles itself around nearly every thought that I have. It then winds me up, tightens me up, and morphs into worry, obsession, and irrational fears.

At that point my breathing becomes constricted. That's a major problem. Breath supplies me with the critical element of oxygen, the prime fuel for my brain. And the air also carries particles that contain information: This is one way that information moves throughout consciousness from one living thing to another. These are a couple of the reasons that breathing is vitally important. By taking deep breaths periodically throughout the day I nourish my brain and keep my own anxiety in check when I do.

When I'm in an overanxious state of mind, I become unhappy. I also tend to become disorganized, chaotic, and pressured. I seek relief from this mental discomfort, and I tend to go about seeking that relief in the wrong ways.

If such anxiety overwhelms me, I should try to overcome it by taking deep breaths and saying positive things to myself. When I do, I can usually get things into a manageable perspective. When I don’t, I get manipulated by fear and just start reacting thoughtlessly. Then I waste a lot of time and energy trying to create order out of the chaos that I created from my unskillful perspective.

I now realize that some of my anxieties are helpful, but only to a certain extent. They're helpful when they remind me that life requires thoughtful effort and planning. They're helpful when they remind me of the need for vigilance over my thoughts, work on my character, and deep breathing throughout the day in moments of stress.

My anxieties are helpful when they serve as “wake up calls” and in effect encourage me to Stay in my path towards mental, physical, and emotional health and Wellness. But I must guard against letting my anxieties get the best of me.

So must we all.

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