Break Free From Addiction

Break Free From Addiction

The list of things we could become addicted to is unlimited. Anything that brings us pleasure or anything that might make us feel good is something that we can become addicted to instantly.

We can become addicted to fantasy. And by being addicted I mean that we will have a way of thinking that we cannot control. It happens automatically. Addictions occur in varying degrees, from being somewhat mild to being incredibly toxic.

There is a difference between addictions and habits. We are creatures of habit; a habit is something we can change at will. But an addiction is something that we usually do because of compulsive behavior patterns. We have difficulty stopping those behavior patterns driving our addictions until we decide we are ready to quit and find ways to empower ourselves to change.

We can become addicted to overeating. That’s the case because eating makes us feel good. So we overeat and we eat for deep-rooted mental and emotional reasons other than hunger.

Not every person is susceptible to addictive overeating. Some people become addicted to obsessive undereating. Such people feel a sense of euphoria by being depleted. They are obsessed with being in control over food and over their bodies.

Other things that people can become addicted to:

Sugary foods, Caffeine, Stimulating spices, Chocolate, Acidic foods, Wine, Hard Alcohol,Tobacco, Marijuana, Hallucinogens, Prescription Drugs, Money, Opioids, Doctor visits, Hypochondriasis, Exercise, Negativity, Travel, Television, Movies, Working, Spending/shopping, Hobbies, Video games, Lying, Fantasy, Crying, Anger, Depression, Cutting, Suicidal thoughts, Dangerous sports, Attention, Fame, Hunting, Criminal Behavior, Power, Killing, Raping,Torture, Power, Cleaning, Organizing, Taking, Other people’s problems, Learning, Thinking, Sleeping, Gambling, Sex, Masturbation, Love obsession, Hatred, Feuding, Warfare, Battle, Drama, Violence, Clubbing, Bar hopping, Therapy, Plastic surgery, Smart Phones, Knowledge, Stress, Social Media, Talking, Movies, etc.

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