It’s very difficult for us to grow when we are in the shadow of addiction. The first and most obvious thing is that the addiction in itself intoxicates us, making it difficult to think straight. If we can’t use our reasoning properly, it’ll be very difficult for us to shed bad habits that have the potential of ruining our lives.

When we come to the end of an addiction, it’s not always because we reach a negative emotional bottom. In some cases it’s because we have been and are thinking about changing. We have a deep-seated desire to promote our own growth, and we can also outgrow specific behaviors. That, combined with a bottom of some kind, could lead to the exact moment when a person is ready to surrender a dependency or addiction that doesn’t serve them.

Email me ( if you are faced with an addiction right now and you don’t think that you’re clear enough to understand what I just wrote. Please read it again, because there’s something valuable in this.

I don’t have the scholarly background to be able to write about the mysteries of the universe or to bring mathematics into play to prove my theorem. But I do have experience with facing my own addictions and abstaining from them.

There are many tricks and tips that we use to help ourselves get out of addiction. One of them is we first have to become ready to listen to ourselves telling ourselves that we will quit. Sometimes weeks, months, or years in advance, we have to tell ourselves that we’re done. We tell ourselves that without any plan of doing anything else following our pronouncements. We just need to say, “I am ready, I am done, I am willing to let go of this problem.”

I think it’s very useful to face the mirror when you have this horrible conversation with yourself. And it’s not enough to just say it to yourself; you need to write it down. I would even highly recommend making and keeping a video of yourself saying it.

In addition to that, you should tell someone else that you have made the decision. Perhaps a trusted friend, a spiritual advisor, or a professional counselor. As human beings we are designed to be in connection with one another, and this is especially the case when we are in the process of overcoming life-dominating problems.

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