The Plastic Age Is Over

The Plastic Age Is Over

One day, 21,000 years into the future, human-like descendants, will explore the earth and dig for traces of their ancestors.

We will all be long gone. However, digging four feet into the earth's soils, our archaeologist descendants will hit something hard with their digging tools: plastic!

The earth will be covered by a one inch thick plastic shell. The soils of the world will also contain an infinite amount of microscopic size pieces of plastic.

Our descendants will call us the Plastic People. Our ERA will be referred to as the Plastic Age.

But this is just a story. It does not have to be this way at all. Each of us could end our contribution to a bleak earth future and let the Age of Plastic die with us.

We have to start by recognizing the global problem. Then, we each have to say to ourselves, "it does not matter what the rest of my clan/tribe are doing with wasteful plastic, I vow to stop using the worst of its kind: Single use plastic."

If you and I make this vow sacred, and we really work at adding this intention to our life's mission, others around us will slowly wake up to. In time the idea will become something that is out there in the world. The movement must gain more and more momentum. Nothing will happen if people like us do not take the first steps on behalf of human's collective consciousness.

Eliminate single use products from your routines. Once you start, the habit becomes solidified and easy to maintain.

Keep our environment clean. Take out the waste, do not be callous or messy with our home. This is a practice that we each will eventually fall into. Be the first, not the last to get into the train. No matter what age you are, open your mind. Expand your consciousness and help me too!

We are not perfect. We never will be. We are trying to make progress, and that is more than enough. Don’t judge us, and we won't judge you.

Do not judge us in any way for writing these words. Regardless of who you think we are as people, the message is far more important than us, far more important than any one individual person. The message is true.

Let it live within you and blossom.

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