Help us Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

Help us Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

Because it's fkng smart....
  • goodsugar™ is our second wellness business founded in New York. Our team is committed to eliminating single-use plastic from our packaging!

  • Serving juice, smoothies, salads, and healthy foods in a single-use plastic container is ironic. We all know that single-use plastic is uncool! So, we are taking a stand and using glass and other more sustainable packaging throughout the store.

glassware goodsugar

We are pushing each other to be involved with the sustainability aspect of our food system. Support goodsugar with this effort.

goodsugar sustainable packaging is our mission

We all must drastically reduce single-use plastic as a significant first step to cleaning up our planet!

  • No more juice, smoothies, teas, shots, or elixirs sold in single-use plastic bottles. No more plastic take out cups and lids. No more plastic straws!

  • goodsugar will offer you several easy ways to stay and drink, grab and go, wake and bake, cool people stay, grab and slow, sit and think, be present, and love your food.

If you do need to go or have things delivered, multi-use glass and/or multi-use aluminum are back in style.

amazing glass jars at goodsugar

  • By reducing bottled and packaged product, we will produce only what we need for the day. We will have virtually NO wasted product in our system.

  • goodsugar uses organic produce to not be a part of the litany of nasty chemicals that conventional produce leach into the soils. These chemicals destroy top soils, run-off into our waterways and can destroy the good bacteria that live in your digestive system.

  • goodsugar is 100% plant-based. In addition to being the most sustainable and lowest carbon-emitting way to eat, it is extremely kind and benevolent to conscious living creatures that don't want to die.

goodsugar says no single use plastic

Our Sustainable Mission

Our mission is to serve the freshest product using USDA Organic produce, at all times. This is the only type of produce we want in our bodies and what we want to give to our kids.

In past enterprises, our mission was not concerned with sustainability, and now it is! We are sorry for our mistakes.

"I realized long ago I had created a trap for myself by filling the demand for more and more plastic among my customer base. Now it's time to reverse the trend and show other businesses exactly how to do it!"

-Marcus Antebi, Founder

stop using single use plastic - support goodsugar

Single-use plastic for healthy products must be a thing of the past!

goodsugar believes that the first step in reducing waste is to get out of the single-use plastic nightmare we all have created. This invariably will have a positive effect on the creation of greenhouse gases and the global warming effect.

The consumer demands, the industry supplies. It's the hardest thing in the world to change unless laws are made. Laws come too slowly and they are entangled with political corruption.

help me stop single use plastic in consumer packaging. support goodsugar

Don't be lulled into buying "compostable" single-use plastic. These bio-plastics take anywhere between 50 to 100 years to break down. They enable us to wrongfully believe that we found the solution when we have not. The real solution is to eliminate single-use anything.

The most powerful thing we can do is vote with our dollars. Stop supporting products that are unconscious and smothering our planet. Just stop!

goodsugar says no to single use plastic

We inherited the problem of single-use plastic from previous generations.

"At my last health & wellness company, I contributed to the mess because of laziness, lack of creativity, a desire to make money, and unconsciousness! I woke up – and now it's time to clean up my mess." -Marcus Antebi, Founder

goodsugar believes that a business and its customers must come together to change the way we consume and the way we discard.

What we do at goodsugar will pressure other retailers throughout the world. Please help!

Together, through our efforts to avoid single use plastic, we will keep millions of items from littering the environment!

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