Fck GMOs & Pesticides

Fck GMOs & Pesticides

I have a very centrist perspective on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

If I could trust corporations to do what was best for humanity and our planet then I would think the GMOs would represent a new wave of positive adaptations. But I am distrustful of certain people. Such people do things only for monetary gain and have no regard for what the effects of things they do might have on our planet and the creatures that live in it.

Because many such people exist, we cannot just give a green light to corporations to determine the fate of our own health and the health of the planet. We cannot trust most corporations to do the right thing when it comes to monitoring and limiting GMO development and product distribution in ways that are in our best interests.

I truly believe in the scientific advancements that have happened throughout the ages. But not all scientific advancements have resulted in the betterment of humanity. I will be cautious about accepting recently-discovered scientific truths, even if they are published in peer-reviewed papers. Scientific truth is subject to change from day to day.

However, GMO use can be compassionate if it’s done correctly. Our species has a responsibility as the most intelligent creature to live according to the laws of nature. We should have not overpopulated, but we did so. GMOs can help us feed many starving people to the degree that we could not do otherwise. And they can help lessen the effects of other problems that we have brought upon ourselves.

We should not have put ourselves in the place of needing things such as GMOs to solve our problems, but we have done so. And so GMOs likely have their place. But the generations to come must beware. Many things that began in the name of science and progress benefitted many people. But they later became things that were done for the purpose for excessive financial gain by small groups of people at the expense of society as a whole.

Yet there may come a time during which everything must be genetically modified in order for the human species to survive. We are so destructive as a species that we push things into extinction rather quickly.

In my store, I’m fortunate to not have to use genetically modified produce. All of the produce that we use in our juices and other products is non-GMO. Such produce may be rare one day. I hope that you enjoy the products I offer, and I hope that you will educate yourself about GMO usage over time.

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