retail secret files: the great yogi putanjali

retail secret files: the great yogi putanjali

Hey everyone, I'm not a Hindu or a devout follower of the ancient sacred teachings of yoga. I'm not a Buddhist either. However, I have a deep appreciation for ancient texts and philosophy that explore the nature of the mind, humanity, leadership, and the universe. Putanjali, an influential figure, synthesized and documented vast knowledge available during his time. His writings shaped the organization and structure for future saints and yogis, contributing to the development of yoga teachings as we know them today. These teachings encompass philosophy, psychology, and physical practices. Personally, when I read them, I don't perceive them as mystical. Here's a poem I wrote about Putanjali, and below is a link to an official website containing all the passages and sutras left by Putanjali.


In the realms of ancient mystics, there lived a yogi wise,
Puntanjali, a beacon of light that pierced through cloudy skies,
With tranquil heart and steady breath, he tread the path of old,
A yogi's wisdom he possessed, his spirit uncontrolled.

Through sunlit dawns and moonlit nights, he sought serenity,
In quiet caves and sacred groves, where nature's secrets be,
His body, temple of the soul, he honed through disciplined ways,
Puntanjali, the yogi, in peaceful silence he'd sway.

With limbs entwined in graceful pose, he found the inner peace,
His spirit soared to mystic heights, where ego found release,
He delved into the depths of self, to realms beyond the mind,
Puntanjali, the yogi, a seeker true and kind.

He merged with cosmic energies, his essence intertwined,
With cosmic dance of universe, in cosmic rhythm he'd find,
His gaze, serene and all-embracing, saw beyond the veil,
Puntanjali, the yogi, in unity, he'd prevail.

He meditated on the breath, the source of life's pure flow,
In each inhale and exhale, he felt the cosmic glow,
Puntanjali, the yogi, his heart expanded wide,
With love for all existence, compassion as his guide.

He walked the path of selflessness, of service to mankind,
In humble acts of kindness, he sought to ease all strife,
Puntanjai, the yogi, his heart a sacred shrine,
A vessel of divine love, a light that would shine.

Through wisdom's prism, he saw the world's interconnectedness,
All beings, one cosmic tapestry, held in divine caress,
Puntanjali, the yogi, a sage of timeless grace,
In stillness and in movement, he found his sacred place.

So let us glimpse the spirit of Puntanjali's yogic flame,
In every breath we take, let mindfulness reclaim,
For in the depths of our own being, the yogi's light resides,
Puntanjali, the yogi, forever in our hearts abides.


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