Free Slice of Banana Bread Offer — Expires 09/31/23

Free Slice of Banana Bread Offer — Expires 09/31/23

bring this card and get a slice of banana bread

Free Slice of Banana Bread

In a land called goodsugar, they say a "Free Slice" offer brightens your day. But at 11:59PM on 09/31/2023 comes the end, no exceptions, so come and don't delay!

One card per customer, they decree, to limit their vegan banana bread slices, you see. Combine not with other offers, only this slice is free!

In-store redemption, that's the deal – no delivery for an offer that makes your taste buds squeal.

Present the card, surrender it there, to goodsugar's staff, and be kind and fair. 

Beware, this offer's fate may turn. At any time, cancellation is a concern.

Find us on 1186 3rd Avenue's bend, where 69th Street meets 3rd Ave, my friend. Enjoy goodsugar's organic juice, until the end!

FAQ: What happens if I show up to redeem this and there is no more banana bread?

A: You will have to wait for another day.

FAQ: Can I exchange it for muffin?

A: Sorry, No.

FAQ: Can I get the cash equivalent refunded to me for any reason?

A: Absolutely not.

FAQ: Can I use this card like dental floss instead of redeeming it for a free slice of banana bread?

A: Sure. It's your card, just don't pick your teeth with it and then try to redeem it.

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