**Front of House Staff Emergency Guidelines** HELP

**Front of House Staff Emergency Guidelines** HELP

**Front of House Staff Emergency Guidelines**

This page was created to guide front of house staff in case of any unusual situations outside of our normal operation.

1. **Safety First**: Your well-being is paramount. Remember, you are not expected to be a hero in dangerous situations. If you encounter any threat, even remotely harmful, do not hesitate to seek help and keep yourself safe.

2. **Seek Support**: Regardless of the problem's size or the time of day, reach out for assistance or advice. Contact any of the three lead management individuals: Marcus, Peter, and Naomi. Establishing a connection with at least one person in a leadership role can be crucial during challenging times.

3. **Prioritize Health and Safety**: The utmost importance is placed on the public's health and food safety. Always keep this as a top priority in all aspects of our business.

4. **Factors for Success**: The happiness of the team, guests, potential guests, store, brand, and adherence to rules and structure contribute to our livelihoods and provide for ourselves and our families.

Remember, help is always available when you need it. Your well-being and the well-being of our customers are of utmost concern to us. Reach out for support and prioritize safety above all else.

There are QR Codes with Emergency Contact Information Posted in the store. Use them. Help!

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