Embracing Life's Paradox: From Resilience to Enlightenment

Once, someone asked me if I feared death. It was a politely posed question, and I responded by acknowledging that, at that moment, my health was robust, and my mind was sharp. I expressed my attachment to life and my determination to fight. I emphasized that I wouldn't surrender any territory when it came to my life. This mindset, I believe, is crucial for survival.

However, there exists a paradox. To truly thrive, we must transition from an anxious state of mind to one of profound relaxation. It's essential to recognize that, in order for us to be truly enlightened, we need to maintain a calm and composed demeanor.

As we age and observe the world passing by, we come to realize the transient nature of all things. There's a continuous cycle of fading and renewal. While we may not fully comprehend the entirety of this cycle, the pursuit of understanding is undeniably worthwhile.
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