I am Not a Teacher

I am Not a Teacher

Occasionally, I receive emails from individuals who express their gratitude for the content I write. Equally, I receive criticism from those who question my authority to speak so candidly on subjects they believe require decades of formal education.

In response, I acknowledge their perspective and encourage them to challenge my views, to prove me wrong, and to clarify the facts for everyone. My reply often is, "I am not a teacher of anyone but myself." I have made the vows of a teacher, but I cannot call myself a true teacher because I profit from my knowledge and choose whom I want to help. This is not the way of a true healer.

I write primarily for myself, and the content I post on this site reflects topics that have captured my interest since my early teens. I consider myself an amateur philosopher with a penchant for sports, though I am not convinced I have excelled at either. Nonetheless, I take pride in all my attempts. But now, let's shift the focus from me to you. If you've stumbled upon my musings as if I were a roadside beggar yearning for morsels, then you are likely a commendable person on a journey of self-improvement.

A teacher must take a sacred oath to uphold the teachings of universal truths and to never set them aside for personal indulgence. They must not distort the truth to fit an agenda and should profit only enough to live a simple, humble, and enlightened life. A teacher's priorities should be charity and service, placing wealth and aspirations for power as far away as possible. They must vow never to cause harm to a living being and focus on non-harm until enlightenment is achieved all at once!

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