Vitamins and Books

Vitamins and Books

At one stage along the path to being a revered guru, the "wannabe-guru" is probably going to want to sell vitamins and write books.

And there’s nothing wrong with this. I might be guilty of this charge. This is a transitional stage for me where I am still attached to things and I have bills to pay. I will not sell you books filled with lies. I will not teach or behave in a way that is not compassionate, and I will live a peaceful and gentle life in pursuit of greater awareness of my self; my character and my behavior.

I do not promote vitamins or even my own book. I have supplements from time to time for sale in the retail store I built. No one needs my supplements. They are supplements. The ones I sell are great quality, organic and always natural.

I do however sell the sh*t out of juice, smoothies, salads, plant based foods, chocolates, and clean baked goods. Stop in and see me some time.

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