thoughts on CBD (ingestible)

thoughts on CBD (ingestible)

CBD and Anxiety Relief

There are times when a person who's extremely disconnected from their own consciousness and discovery might use non-toxic plant medicines, including CBD, that don't have detrimental side effects (when used properly). Some people think that CBD will help with anxiety, but there's a caveat to that. Specifically, it’s that CBD can amplify anxiety: It can open a path to reveal the anxiety that's already present in a person.

Use of CBD is a personal decision, but those who use it should have supervision and follow usage instructions carefully. And they should do things such as regularly fasting from it to keep it from getting out of control.

CBD concoctions aren’t appropriate for everyone: Experiences of paranoia or inappropriate degrees of self-consciousness can be indicators that CBT use is inappropriate for given individuals. In fact, any medicine, either purely plant-based or synthetic, is detrimental and even poisonous when it's used in excess or used incorrectly.

CBD will work differently on every individual, simply because all people are in different places in their minds in regard to their mentality in general and their emotional status in particular. People also have different memories and different belief systems, so CBD use will not result in the same experiences for everyone. But generally speaking CBD has the effect of relaxing a person in a way that I would describe as “being present” or “being in the moment.” And entering into such a state is difficult for some people who are not comfortable in their bodies or who frequently experience mental distress.

Those working with CBD should journal about their experiences. They need to clearly understand that plant medicines can be “amplifiers”: For example, they can make individuals who are prone to sadness and depression even more sad and depressed than usual, but psychologically that may be something that they need to go through. And for that reason and others, journaling is necessary because it can help them understand and process the sensations that CBD use creates in them.

CBD is basically cannabis but with some of the compounds missing. When used properly, it can support an open consciousness, an open heart, and absorption of beautiful internal messages. It should be used by prescription only and should not be abused. And those who use it should respect and even follow the ceremonial guidelines that ancient people who consumed it adhered to.

CBD should not be used “recreationally.” Medicine should be used to help a person remember their healthy state of being and help bring them back to it. True medicines enable the consciousness to locate difficulties in the psyche and facilitate resolution of those difficulties. Unfortunately, many modern medicines mask consciousness and deter the body’s ability to remedy its own maladies. Some of those types of modern medicines may save us from many problems but create dependency in the process.

CBD can help relieve anxiety, but it can also have the exact opposite effect: It can either amplify anxiety or reveal existing anxiety. One can become tuned into the effect that CBD oil is having on their chemistry. It can help a person determine what they need to do at a given moment, such as making an apology to their spouse for something they've done wrong.

Again, if a person decides to work with CBD, they have to demonstrate self-control and have the ability to regulate their dosage of the medicine. They should not use it if their intent is only to change their feelings to eliminate emotional discomfort. CBD should only be used as a tool to facilitate development of the mindset needed to enact appropriate self-help measures. And some people, including those of certain psychological temperaments and those who have self-control issues, should refrain from using it.

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