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The Best Source of Our Micro Nutrients Comes from Food

The best source of our micronutrients is our food. Your overall health depends on how you absorb and utilize these compounds.

I do not believe in blanketing every problem with a supplement. I do not believe that a person with a clean diet and lifestyle should need to take supplements long-term. But those of us who feel we need a supplement need to know that the laboratory synthetics aren’t the best option. That is because they are not the same as the supplements derived from plants; the plant-based supplements are handled and processed in a way that does not adulterate the substances.

The best processes for supplement production do not use potentially harmful chemical compounds to extract other compounds. In processing, low heat or no heat is better than high temperatures that can alter the structures within the compound.

Organic produce from a transparent supply chain is a must. Supplements should always bear some or all of the following symbols and text designations: "No GMOs", "Plant Based", "USDA Organic", "Non Allergenic", and "All Natural", among others.

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