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Digestive Immunity Probiotic GLB18: Lactobacillus plantarum

(This is an article about a probiotic supplement that I promote through this website.)

The functions of Lactobacillus plantarum are as exciting as its name sounds. This family of good bacteria are the superheroes of the probiotic kingdom.

First and foremost, the product is generally considered safe (GCS) because it has been in use in consumer products for over 50+ years. Because of its scientific family designation, it falls in the status of a recognized probiotic by the FDA.

When taken as a supplement, this is a fantastic product. I have been using the product as a supplement for a very long time and I notice a significant difference for the better.

The thing that’s incredible about this probiotic is its natural ability to preserve food without having to use any unnatural preservatives. This bacteria strain is used to increase the shelf life of vegetables and meat across Europe.

I don’t ever have the intention of selling meat products, but I can make kimchi, guacamole tahini, and other dishes and add a small amount of this probiotic into the recipe. The probiotic will help to preserve the food and it gives my consumer the benefits of this probiotic. This is a miracle discovery for me, even though it’s been done by others for a long time. I am just now understanding the possibilities of the types of foods that I can create and the products that I can use it in, such as soups and salad dressings.

Reference the below links to various papers on both probiotics in general and the GLB18 Digestive Immunity in particular:

GLB18 Center for Applied Studies & Innovation at University of Sofia

GLB44 Paper from Andrew Onderdunck, Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

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