Start With Ginger, End With Ginger

Start With Ginger, End With Ginger

In addition to its use as a flavoring, and perhaps surprisingly to some, ginger is a plant that has a number of positive health benefits. The benefits of ginger are not easy to research, and some in the scientific community may think that the home remedies for ginger are abstract.

If one drinks a large amount of raw ginger juice, it is powerfully anti-inflammatory and is effective all the way down to the cellular level. There are compounds in ginger that help remove other compounds from inside of a cell that would otherwise cause that cell to be deformed or inflamed: If a cell is inflamed, it cannot perform its functions properly. And when multiple cells are inflamed, that inflammation could be on a tissue level or an organ level.

Another way that ginger seems to work very powerfully is by breaking up inter-cellular gas pressure inside of the stomach. That stomach pressure is caused by the fermentation of rotting and necrotic foods.

Ginger is very high in vitamin C and low in naturally occurring sugar. It is extremely stimulating, but it does not result in a “crash” such as one often has after drinking coffee. One of ginger’s effects is that it warms the body. It produces a shift in reality instantaneously when you drink it, because it will feel like a burn.

You can get many benefits from eating cooked ginger, but eating it in its raw form—unchanged and pure—is best. I often drink a large amount of ginger juice, have a healthy snack or meal, and then have a moderate amount of ginger afterwards.

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