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Juice Fasting, A Comprehensive Explanation

Fasting on raw juice is not a fad. It’s safe, logical, and scientific. Try some version of a juice fast. Try your own version. Do a fast often. Go longer each time.

Philosophy: A clean engine running on super clean fuel will get better gas mileage. more bang for the buck!

A dirty engine running on dirty fuel will get less mileage from the same amount of fuel. It will run poorly and break down more frequently. This metaphor parallels the human body.

A juice cleanse done correctly provides the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes needed to nourish the system.

I believe raw juices are the best fuel for the body, and consuming them on a regular basis will make one more biologically-efficient. You’ll need fewer calories to have the same amount of energy, or more energy.

Including raw juices in our daily diets is a fabulous antidote to toxins we encounter. Green juices neutralize acids and all raw juices make it easier to maintain blood alkalization. The main benefit of drinking raw juice is that if it helps us skip one or more crappy meals a day, we’re 1,000 times better off! We recommend drinking as much juice as possible. Drinking juice and maintaining a sensible diet that excludes processed food is a critical step toward optimal health.

Processed foods are dirty fuel. Processed foods make us sick, cause us to gain weight, and accelerate aging. When you abstain from foods that interfere with the natural healing ability and physiology of the body, you promote cleansing and detoxification. If you take out these types of bad foods, there is an immediate improvement in your overall chemistry.

To what degree depends on many factors.

Remember, the more mistakes you leave out, the more detoxification that can take place.

On a raw juice fast, you don’t have the same fiber intake needs as with your regular diet. There's little to no digestion involved with drinking juice, so fiber in great amounts is not required.

Because juice enters the bloodstream quickly, it’s a powerful alkalizer. It pulls endogenous acids (toxic material) directly from the cells and puts them into the bloodstream. From there, they can be picked up and expelled through normal waste functions.

During a cleanse, you are on a near total digestive system shutdown. Energy is therefore freed up. When you have more energy than needed to carry out daily activities within the body, and when you are a biologically cleaner organism, which occurs during a juice fast, you acquire an energy reserve we call vital force.

This is an enhancement to the immune system. Your vital force works to heal the body.

Furthermore, the electrical forces found in our raw living juices stimulate your body’s electrical forces. This jump start to your electrical system cannot be measured, but it exists.

So, to recap, a juice cleanse works for two simple scientific reasons:

(1) If you drink juice only, you leave out every mistake. On a juice fast that utilizes a wide selection of produce, you will get everything you need—protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are all found in our juice.

(2) Raw organic juice is alkalizing. Our cleanse is a cell rejuvenating, detoxifying, alkalizing, well balanced, and complete nutritional plan.

Our juice cleanse is easy to complete by the average person—we’ve had thousands of people complete our cleanse with satisfaction and ease under their normal life conditions. you don’t have to stop working or make the perfect time to cleanse. We recommend doing a cleanse at any time and as frequently as you can afford. We have several juice cleanse menus you can follow.


  1. Drink water; drink clean water during a juice cleanse.
  2. REST: For best results, take a break from exercise. You can train, but doing so is not ideal during a juice fast.
  3. Pre-cleanse: Spend one or more days eating fresh fruit, salads, sprouts, nuts, and seeds. Avoid all processed foods. Maintaining a raw food diet before you start a juice cleanse is a splendid way to lengthen the duration of a cleanse. You don’t have to drink only juice to cleanse—being 100% raw and vegan for a period of time will promote cleansing as well.
  4. Lay on your back (even while awake, with your eyes closed). This is a form of blood dialysis.
  5. Supplement: We recommend going for colonics, getting massages (preferably from a genderless dwarf), sitting in an infrared sauna, and supplementing your cleanse with enzymes and probiotics.
  6. Cleanse exit: End your cleanse by eating easy-to-digest water-plump fruits and raw salads with leafy greens. Continue to avoid processed foods and dairy products for as long as you possibly can. When reintroducing cooked foods, start with steamed vegetables in a mixed green salad. Ending a cleanse is a crucial aspect of the process. There is some room for error when exiting a three- to five-day cleanse, but mistakes are less forgiving on longer cleanses.
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