Juice Cleansing Poetry

Juice Cleansing Poetry

In my 14 years of juice and smoothie trade,

I've been asked 75,000 times, how to lose weight, folks bade.

The answer's clear, consume less and create a deficit,

But nutrient deprivation, your immunity may inhibit.

For some, their systems are clogged with toxins and waste,

Eating less buys time for needed materials to be replaced.

It's a complex science, best left to medical experts' care,

But juice cleanses are generally safe, so do not despair.

I've witnessed countless folks embark on juice cleanses,

Unaware of what they were doing, yet no harm senses.

So, fret not, and give it a try,

A healthier you awaits, as the pounds fly by.

It's not just what you consume, but what you choose to leave,

Lifestyle choices and diet, both matter immensely, believe.

Juice cleanses flood your body with plant-based nutrients galore,

Salads and fruits in a glass, what could one ask for more?

Though lower in fiber than the whole food, juice's benefits are not diminished,

On a cleanse we are not pushing dense food materials through us so we need less fiber.., 

But don't fret, for trace amounts of fiber still remain,

To ease your worries, snack on celery, and break the cleanse chain.

Experiment with your chemistry, fruits and veggies are your guide,

A healthier you awaits, let nature be your ally and abide.

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