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celery juice might be the problem!

Celery juice might be the problem! by Marcus Antebi

One problem in the Health and Wellness Industry might be that reliable science isn’t always the motivator for products that the industry promotes. This industry is profit-motivated, so unfortunately there’s usually great potential for dishonesty. Sometimes this dishonesty is intentional in order for a company to just make a buck. Other times problems may be caused by people copycatting each other without realizing that they might be spreading misinformation.

Yes, celery juice is an amazing elixir, and it’s a gift from the earth! But what we also need to remember is that there are about 20,000 other edible plants out there — Juice bars will be announcing each new type for the next 800 years. When juice bars or health gurus announce the next craze, they might also be making claims that are not on target. Most claims cannot deliver on the miracle promised. This can be the case with celery, CBD, or any one of a multitude of other products. Buyer beware!

There are a lot of myths and old wive’s tales still being promoted. These are what hurt an otherwise great movement. I see people getting discouraged by doing what’s right for themselves because the results are less than spectacular. These people then give up and fall back into old patterns.

The best information that people should have is what eating patterns they need to change. When we eliminate dietary mistakes, the body does its own healing.


celery juice

Celery juice might be an anti-inflammatory because of the minerals it contains and for other reasons, but then again it might not be. But one thing is certain; avoiding foods that cause inflammation is an excellent anti-inflammatory measure.

My take is as follows: Drink celery juice – it’s fantastic. All juices are incredible because they are plants that we are meant to consume. The format of juice is not mystical. There are many great benefits to juice. Drink more celery juice. Drink more raw fresh cucumber, apple, kale, parsley, cilantro, broccoli, lettuce, turmeric, and ginger juice as well.

Drink plenty of juice, especially the ones that you love the taste of. But take care not to just get stuck in one dietary fad or another.

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