what is the movie fat, sick, and nearly dead?

"Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" is a documentary film directed by Joe Cross. The film follows Joe Cross, an Australian entrepreneur, on his journey to regain his health and lose weight through juicing and adopting a plant-based diet. Here is a summary of the film:

The film begins with Joe Cross sharing his personal struggle with obesity and a chronic autoimmune disease. Frustrated with his health condition and dependency on medications, he decides to take control of his life and embark on a radical 60-day juice fast.

During his journey, Joe travels across the United States, sharing his story and speaking with various individuals about their own health challenges. He encounters a truck driver named Phil Staples, who is also obese and suffering from the same autoimmune disease.

As Joe continues his juice fast, he experiences significant weight loss and a remarkable improvement in his health. Inspired by his own transformation, he offers support and guidance to Phil, encouraging him to adopt a similar juice-focused approach to improve his health.

The film explores the power of juicing as a means of consuming nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in an easily digestible form. It highlights the potential benefits of juicing for weight loss, reducing inflammation, and improving overall health.

Throughout the documentary, Joe and Phil's journeys are interwoven with interviews of experts, doctors, and other individuals who have transformed their lives through juicing and adopting a plant-based diet. The film presents success stories of individuals who have overcome various health issues by embracing a healthier lifestyle.

"Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" serves as an inspirational documentary that encourages viewers to reevaluate their own eating habits and consider the potential benefits of juicing and plant-based nutrition for improving their health and well-being.

Please note that this summary provides a general overview of the film, but watching the documentary itself will provide a more in-depth understanding of Joe Cross's personal journey and the impact of juicing on his health.

I found this film to be truly remarkable and a great achievement. It had a profound impact on my friend, who happened to be my first investor in Juice Press. After watching the film, he embarked on a 60.5 day juice cleanse, and I provided support throughout the entire cleanse. Under careful medical supervision, he successfully completed the cleanse, experiencing increased strength and vitality, and achieving a weight loss of 35 lbs.

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