Who is this guy Marcus?

Who is this guy Marcus?

Marcus is the founder of both goodsugar and Juice Press, (a.k.a Just Plants). He started Juice Press in 2010 on East First Street in New York City. When he sold his interest in 2019 there were 85 stores in several states.

Antebi starting working on goodsugar four minutes after he was officially "out" of Juice Press. Then the Great Pandemic hit, and his plans of leasing the first good sugar location were delayed.

During the pandemic, Antebi focused on completing good sugar's branding, structure, messaging, planning, etc. Also during that time he completed a comprehensive book on "diet" and general well being called The goodsugar Diet.

In 2022, he signed the lease for our first goodsugar location and completed the build out in March 2023. 

Antebi's Timeline

  • Born in Brooklyn, NY 1969
  • Moved to Beverly Hills 1979
  • Got sober in 1985
  • Moved back to New York 1989
  • Found rock climbing in 1991
  • Found Skydiving in 1992
  • Opened Marcus Antiques with his father on 57th Street in 1994
  • Left the family retail business in 1994
  • Started a skydiving training video company called PIER Video in 1995
  • Lived in DeLand, FL. from 1995-1997
  • Opened a parachute and equipment retail supply depot at the skydiving center in Gardiner, NY 1999
  • Sold the skydiving equipment and training film company in 2003
  • Started competing in Thai Boxing in 2003-2006
  • Luna, his first daughter born in 2007
  • Started Juice Press in the East Village in 2010
  • Minnie-James, his second daughter born in 2014
  • Married Teresa Lourenco in 2017
  • Sold Juice Press in 2019
  • Started goodsugar 2020
  • Started goodsugar podcast with co-host Ralph Sutton in 2020
  • Nova-Shakti, his third daughter born in 2021
  • Opened first goodsugar store in April 2023

Antebi's Specs:

Height: 5'9" | Sign: Capricorn | Favorite tattoo: All of them | Favorite color: Purple | Favorite Band: "I have 25 favorite bands depending on my mood." The Beatles, Bob Marley, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Moby.

"It's unfair that only billionaires get to meditate in space." —Antebi



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