nutritional data poetry

nutritional data poetry

In our humble abode, We want your ears to explode, With an answer that's pleasing, Our words we are releasing. As a small business with only one store,

We're not legally bound to nutritional data to explore, But rest assured, our ingredients are clear, Our menu and recipes will change, don't fear. It's quite expensive to obtain, Nutritional data for every item that we train, But with time, we'll have the information you seek, As our business grows and we hit our peak. 

Good calories are what you'll find, In the foods that we grind, Plant-based and unrefined sugars galore, Perfect for energy and mind's clarity to restore. We take your desire to understand seriously, For what you consume impacts your chemistry, Listen to how certain foods make you feel, But beware of false beliefs, that's the deal. 

Chemistry and common sense, Determines the calorie expense, Bananas and smoothies may be dense, But they curb cravings and make you a saint, hence. In summary, our food is what your chemistry expects, And we promise to provide nutritional data prospects, But for now, enjoy our good calories without a care, And listen to your body, it knows what's fair.

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