Why Give Us Your Money?

Why Give Us Your Money?

Answer: That's right, we know we are the best because our children told us so! 

That's right. If children go crazy for our food so will you.


  • We use organic produce. 

Is there really any body out there who still wants to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, seeds, herbs, etc., that have been sprayed regualrly with pesticides? Pesticides not only kill the big bugs we rely on for their to be balance in the eco-system, they kill off the small, small bugs that make up the soil that we must have to grow our produce in. Those small, small criters play a vital role in the balance of gases in our atmosphere. ( We wrote this as politically correct as possible, leaving as much room as possible for the science to change. This statement will like hold up over the centuries.)

  • No Processed Ingredients

The number one thing we can do right now to improve our overall health is to eliminate processed foods altogether. Do whatever you can. But, at least allow the statement of truth about the chemistry of the body resonate with you. For some letting go of food patterns that are not the best for us is a difficult long-term process. For others, it's one the most challenging of all behavioral changes to make.

  • No Refined, Unnatural, Highly Processed Sweeteners
  • No Single-Use Plastic Containers & Packaging
  • Plant Based, Vegan-Keto Friendly
  • No Heat pasteurized or High Pressure Pasteurized Juices

The large majority of juiceries are pasteurizing their low quality juice, and then processing with one of several methods to preserve the juice and suspend shelf life for 10-20 time longer than fresh juice lasts. There's little benefit to this to you as a consumer. You do not pay less for the juice and it certainly tastes awful. Pasteurized juices taste flat. Fresh juice is bright and bursting with information to tell your body what to do. Please listen.

  • Homemade Soups

Soups made using fantastic kettles, requiring happy human hands chopping with really sharp knives. We do a lot more than chopping. We also do: 

  • Cross Chop.
  • Rock Chop.
  • Julienne Cut.
  • Brunoise Dice.
  • Small Dice.
  • The Batonnet.
  • The Baton.
  • Pont-Neuf.
Great Music Always Playing at the Volume We Decide

Nowadays, we play happy music from many world genres, we also play many Solfeggio Frequencies over our Limited Edition, 10-speaker, Advanced Sound System Stereo. We make sure to include these in our rotation:

  • 174 Hz - Pain Relief Frequency. ...
  • 285 Hz - Heals Tissues. ...
  • 396 Hz - Releases Guilt and Fear. ...
  • 417 Hz - Wipes Out All Negative Energy. ...
  • 528 Hz - DNA Repair Miracle Frequency. ...
  • 639 Hz - Frequency of Love, Connections and Relationships. ...
  • 741 Hz - Removes Toxins and Purifies. ...
  • 852 Hz - Transforms Cells into Higher Energy System.


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