meet Proximate: Master Chef of goodsugar

meet Proximate: Master Chef of goodsugar

Photo Above Left: Proximate, our Head Chef is from Proxima Centauri b, which is part of the Alpha Centauri star system, the closest star system to our Solar System. Proxima Centauri b is located approximately 4.24 light-years away from Earth. (Presented alongside their companion from their home planet, captured in 2022.)

Our chef exhibits a fluid identity, transitioning between male and female appearances up to 10 times daily, guided by their changing moods.

They invite us to honor their identity by using plural pronouns and, where feasible, addressing them as a "Proximate" as a gesture of consideration for their home planet. They arrived on Earth in response to a Craigslist advertisement we posted for a food preparation role.

The reader is likely filled with questions for Proximate, including inquiries like, "Could you share the banana bread recipe?" Proximate kindly requested that we share all goodsugar recipes with those who can respond correctly to the cosmic question in the comments: "Who am I?"

Proximate has not only guided Mr. Peter Kay, a goodsugar partner, in mastering Earth-bound plant life, but has also shared with both Mr. Kay and Mr. Antebi, our founder, some of the most profound and enigmatic challenges they encountered during their tenure at Juice Press, one of the world's largest juice and smoothie establishments.

Proximate unveiled to us previously undisclosed insights on why juice should always remain fresh and free from high-pressure pasteurization. They emphasized the importance of maintaining live and active probiotics in all food products, including juice. The nutritional worth of food and juice is significantly diminished when subjected to cooking or pasteurization. "The continuous renewal of bacteria beneficial to your chemistry is vital for your immune system, and altering plants in such a detrimental manner was never the intention of your creators," they conveyed.

For further details about Proximate, please explore additional information available on this website.

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