Peter Kay is goodsugar's (blank)

Peter Kay is goodsugar's (blank)

Peter Kay is the nicest guy. He's built like an Abrams tank. He's the best retail operator. He has true Grit. Thank you Mr. Kay for the support and help. Thank you for all you did to help us get goodsugar open and off the ground.

Mr. Kay is our  (blank) He has more than a decade of experience in the juice and plant based food industry. He has a fine education, is fantastic with numbers, people, and he gets the business model, from branding to logistics. From accounting to HR. He does it all. 

(Blank) is the highest rank in an organization like ours. We don't want to use fancy, common titles because that can scare off alien investors from other planets. We like to keep our financial options as broad as possible. 

peter kay, operations master

Thank You.

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