our promises

our promises

The vast majority of places where humans can get their calories suck! They suck in so much as that there are no false pretenses made about their products and offerings being healthy. Most retailers focus on serving desirable foods, great taste, visuals, experience, and value.

It is of little concern to 99.7% of the food product retailers, including restaurants, whether or not the foods we regularly consume are good for our moods, sleep patterns, waistline, immune system, conserving the resources of the planet, compassion to animals, and so on.

Why is that? Supply and demand? Maybe. Or, maybe it's because we simply don't understand how we got to this point over the centuries, and now we can't figure out how to shift.

Our food company is among the .3% of food providers on the planet that are on a the crazy mission to correct the food supply problem. What a crazy mission!

We promise to never capture and eat any of your family members no matter how hungry we get. All sentient beings except plants are safe with us. Are plants sentient beings?

We also promise these important things:

Deliciousness. Freshness. Purity (we keep our produce pure by not adding impure substance or processes, and we keep positive thoughts while preparing our products).

Organic Produce (pesticides are a blight on the planet and its creatures including humanity).

Plant Based (why eat your cousin, or your friend when the energy you need from the sun is available from the edible plant kingdom)?

No Single-Use Plastic (single use plastic has made the city scapes throughout the world hideous not to mention there is over a trillion tons of plastic floating around in our oceans).

No HPP (Pressure Pasteurized Juice tastes like ass. It extends the shelf life of a juice or smoothie product to make the business of food more profitable. The taste is radically altered, the product is no longer fresh, probiotics that are naturally in the product are slaughtered, enzymes denatured, nutrients diminished, and the color and texture changed).

Cold Pressed Juice. Nothing Canned. Homemade Plant Based Milks (Almond, Oat, Hemp, Sunflower). No Refined or Processed Sugar. No White Flour. No Preservatives. Good In-Store Experience. Hypnotic Branding. Lowest Prices (Compare Apples to Apples). No Powdered Soups, No Powdered Oat/Almond Milk. No Processed Smoothie Thickeners. Super Clean Produce. Kid Friendly Menu. Galactic travelers always welcome.

Last But Not Least: We have gifted and talented people working with us.

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