Inquiries for nutritional data information

Inquiries for nutritional data information

As a small business with currently only one store, we are not legally required to provide nutritional data for our menu items. However, this is not because we are hiding anything—our ingredients and their composition are clearly displayed.

Given that we are still in the early stages of building our business, our recipes and menu offerings will undergo significant changes over the first year or two. Obtaining professional nutritional data profiles for each item during this testing phase would be a costly endeavor.

We fully acknowledge and respect the importance of people understanding the food they incorporate into their routines. In the case of the plant-based foods we serve, which are free from refined sugars, you are consuming nourishing options that provide your body with the energy, repair, and clarity it needs. Those who study nutritional data will have a better understanding of how certain foods make them feel, and it is crucial to listen to those individual experiences.

However, it is essential to exercise caution when relying solely on personal feelings about a food's healthiness. Believing something is healthy does not change its actual nutritional value. Our belief systems can temporarily influence how a food affects our body, but the underlying chemistry remains unchanged.

The food we serve aligns with what your body expects, and it's important to remember that if something appears dense and contains bananas, for example, it is likely to have a higher caloric content—it's just common sense.

Smoothies, which often include a banana with an average of 100 calories, are more caloric than juices. However, these calories are beneficial and can help satisfy cravings and steer clear of less nutritious options. They are the calories that contribute to your well-being.

While we may not currently provide detailed nutritional data, we encourage our customers to make informed choices and listen to their bodies. As our business grows, we aim to gradually incorporate nutritional data to better serve our customers.

We value your desire for transparency and appreciate your understanding as we work towards providing comprehensive information in the future.

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