more about the goodsugar podcast

more about the goodsugar podcast

We are the only podcast in the world that bakes cookies on 69th Street.

The podcast's premise revolved around the personal journey of Ralph Sutton, a highly successful entrepreneur and podcaster known for his show "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll." Despite his professional accomplishments, Ralph found himself unhappy with various aspects of his life.

Ralph's lifelong friend, Marcus Antebi, visited him during one of his podcast recordings a few months prior to the COVID outbreak. During their conversation about Ralph's challenges, Marcus proposed the idea of starting a podcast to tackle these issues together. In a whimsical moment, they humorously named their show "The Sherpa and the Schmuck" and made plans to debut it a week later. (It's worth noting that they later rebranded the show around the 50-episode mark, renaming it to "The goodsugar Podcast.")

The initial episodes of the show focused on Ralph's resistance to change in his behavior patterns. He was dealing with unhealthy eating habits, anxiety, a lack of exercise, and a generally irritable disposition. The podcast served as a means for Ralph to be accountable for the commitments he made to improve himself. Over time, the show documented his progress, including his return to jogging and going to the gym. Remarkably, Ralph managed to shed 100 pounds over the course of three years as part of his self-improvement journey.

Throughout the podcast's run, they featured numerous experts on topics such as meditation, diet, exercise, disease, self-improvement, business, attitude, and had guests from various fields like book authors, politicians, famous athletes, and rock 'n' roll stars, all with valuable insights to share. Their podcast accumulated considerable success with over 4 million downloads across approximately 170+ episodes.

Their ultimate goal is not to use the platform for promoting a product; rather, they both find immense joy in sharing their life approaches. In the end, just like the goodsugar restaurant on 69th Street and Third Avenue, the show and the restaurant have successfully guided numerous individuals towards making healthier dietary choices and broader life improvements.

Marcus, on the other hand, is a vocal entrepreneur in the retail food industry. He founded Juice Press in 2010, maintaining a commitment to food purity and top-quality standards until he exited the business in 2019. Under his leadership, Juice Press expanded to around 85 stores. Marcus promptly embarked on his next venture, goodsugar, building upon the successful elements of his previous endeavor. This version included innovations like eliminating single-use plastic from packaging, introducing a clean bakery component, and incorporating cooked food offerings. His mission was to excel in every category they ventured into.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Marcus is a prolific writer, authoring numerous guides and blogs annually. He also participates in panel discussions on topics related to nutrition, anxiety, addiction, relaxation, and more. Marcus possesses a deep understanding of the food industry, viewing it through a historical lens. He notes that the shift towards processed and corporate-controlled food began thousands of years ago when people moved into cities, becoming increasingly dependent on the transportation of food from distant regions.

In contemporary times, the government's role in food distribution has waned in democratic nations, allowing corporations to take over. Food has become a profit-driven commodity, leading to government regulations. However, inherent corruption influences what foods are promoted, with vested interests preventing the promotion of a truly healthy diet. Marcus suggests that there should be warning labels on processed foods, similar to those on cigarettes, but acknowledges that achieving such change is a complex and challenging endeavor.

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